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Contact Deanna for the classes available and the cost.


This is a fun class that will get you and your dog started in the exciting sport of scent work. You will learn how to tell when your dog is "in odor" and watch as her interest and focus grows.


Introduction To Nose Work

Intro to Odor

Continuing Education

Competition Classes

These classes get you and your dog ready to begin competing in Nose work trials. Hone your skills as a handler and allow your dog to experience more difficult hides as you become more experienced.

Once you and your dog have learned the basics, you will now introduce your dog to the first odor in Scentwork (Birch). Have fun watching your dog figure out the odor and how to tell you where it is!

Intro to odor class is a prerequisite or instructors approval.

These classes get you and your dog ready to compete in a Nose work trial & earn a title!  You and your dog will be fine tuning your communication skills with each other as you learn! Learn tactics for competing in the different levels of Nose work trials.

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